Friday, 4 March 2016

Metro Design - Omni

Today's watch is another Metro watch, but not the same line of watches I blogged a couple of days ago.
This watch is by a brand called Metro Design, and so far they are a bit of a mystery. I've seen the watches on the Japanese auctions, but when I try to search online, there are too many answers about Metro design relating to city planning for me to find anything about the watches (an when I try to be more specific, I get no results).
The watch is called 'omni' and according to the back of was designed by Romago. It is a large watch, and at a first glance, it appears to just have a blank face with the hour numbers just visible around the edge, and the Metro Design name on the glass. Pressing the button above the crown lights an internal light, and as if by magic, the hands appear behind the glass to show the time. When the light isn't on, you cannot see the hands at all through the glass, no matter what angle you look from. For the time, it has a 3 hand dial design with a quartz movement.
The all black design is followed by the black leather strap, and this has the Metro Design name imprinted into the back of the leather.
The only other information on the watch comes from the back which states it is 3 atm water resistant (suggesting a European market), and that the case and back are stainless steel.
With regards to date, there is no information I've found to be able to definitively determine when it's from, but my hunch is that it is from the 2000s (and maybe 2010s).

UPDATE: It seems like this watch is part of the same Metro brand that I've posted before, but with the name Metro Design rather than Metro Delight. I've seen in an auction that the watch has an instruction manual from the regular Metro brand, and the model number is WW046

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Deadman Quartz GV 4089

Even though I've not been blogging for a while, I've been keeping up with trying to find more watches in some of my sub-collections.

Today's watch is one of those and is from the Deadman (or Dead man) watch line that I still only know small amounts about. I do plan to pull together a brand page to cover all of the models I know about (which is more than I've blogged so far) so keep an eye out for that page soon!

This model is the GV 4089 (or GV4089), and is one of the more 'normal' designs that Deadman produced. It is a quartz analogue design with a very 60s/70s feel to the design. It has a deep metal case with an oval face covered by thick glass. The face is a 3 hand dial design with silver hands and numbers at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions on a black background. The only text on the front is Deadman and Quartz, and the back has the brand name and the model number. The design is completed with a silver metal strap with the usual Deadman embossed bracelet clip.

I have confirmation that the Deadman watches were out in the late 90s, but don't know how long they lasted, and when released, they seem to have been sold around the ¥4000 mark.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Metro Baltimore

The Metro brand of watches is one which I only started collecting quite recently. All of the links I have to the watches seem to tie it back to a Japanese furniture store. They make a range of watches and clocks, most of which seem to be named after places in America.

This watch follows the naming tradition and is called Baltimore. It has a TV shaped dial in a shiny metal case, and has a retro feel to the design. The face features the Metro logo (the word Metro in a script style font with a 5 pointed crown above) along with the Baltimore name, and the word Crystal, which I assume refers to the glass.

It is a quartz model with a 3 hand dial and a date marker at the 3 o'clock position. The strap is metal, and closed with an expanding buckle with the Metro logo engraved on it.

The back of the watch has the logo and watch name along with saying it is a "1970's model". This must refer to the design style, as I think the Metro watches are from either the late 2000s or within the last few years.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Super Lovers Floating Dial

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, so I home some of you out there are still following! I plan to get back to blogging a bit more, but don't think it'll be back to daily updates just yet.

For today's watch, I'm wearing something that expands the mystery of the linked designs even further. Regular readers may remember that I've been following various Japanese fashion watch brands which seem to be linked by common designs. Watches by Deadman, Module, Deep, etc. seem to have produced their own versions of the same watch over different time periods.

Until today, the Super Lovers brand seemed to be separate from this group, but this watch shares a remarkable similarity to the Deadman Live Wire I posted last year. As I have a hunch that the Super Lovers brand commission watches from a variety of manufacturers, I guess it shouldn't be unexpected that they ended up with something similar though!

The Super Lovers brand originate from the  Harajuku district in Tokyo and have been known for their mix of punk, clubbing, and cute influences.

This watch I've nicknamed the Super Lovers Floating Dial as the dial and mechanism is surrounded by glass so you can see right through the watch from front to back, with the only connection to the case being the stem linking the module to the crown. The back glass in this design isn't completely clear, but is in red glass, and has the text Super Lovers All Stars written around the edge. I think the All Stars name might refer to a line of watches, as I've seen it before on other designs.

Time is shown on the "floating" 3 hand dial and is powered by a Japanese quartz module. The dial features the Super Lovers logo which is like the Superman symbol but with a heart instead of the S. The strap is metal mesh with a buckle, and matches with the metal case. There is no information on the back of the watch, but you can see right through to the quartz module.

I don't know exactly when the watch wad released, but I'd guess this was late 90s or early 00s based on the link to the Deadman design.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Boy London B131

On my way out this morning, I grabbed one of my many Boy London watches, and again this is one with a different style!

This model has the number B131 and is a 3 hand dial design quartz watch. The dial is completely unlike any other of my Boy London models, and features none of the normal shapes, symbols, or even styles I've blogged before. This watch has a printed face of what looks to be a photo of a pattern of studs and ball bearings. In small writing between the pattern is the Boy London name, and that is it for the obvious branding.

The back is a design I've seen before, with the B symbol from the B for Boy line of watches they released. The back also has the text Boy London since 1976, referring to the date when Stephanie Raynor founded the brand in London (-for more brand info, see my other Boy London posts).  The only other information on the watch shows it has a stainless steel back, Japanese movement, and is 3atm water resistant.

The date is one of the hard things to measure with these watches, as it doesn't always correspond with the key dates for the brand. Trying to date it from the design also has me confused, as I've not seen anything quite like it, but if I had to guess, I'd say early 00s...

Monday, 7 December 2015

Benetton by Bulova Shaking Salsa

Sorry about the lack of posts at the moment, but I've been a little snowed under, but I've managed to find enough time to squeeze in this quick post. Normal service will hopefully be resumed soon!

Today, I'm picked one of the watches from my Benetton by Bulova range. The range started in the 90s, but so far I've not found out when they stopped. This watch was part of a line that they made called "Time of the World", and they all seem to have had this general case design.

This particular model has a white case (which is a first) with a bright green strap. The face is also green, and has the words Shaking Salsa in purple and black written across it.

I got this model in its box, so I found out that the original sale price was ¥7,000. Unfortunately, the guarantee card hadn't been stamped, so it didn't help with the date (but I think these models may have been from the 90s).

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Super Lovers - Love Love Message watch

Today, I'm back to the Super Lovers watches again, and yet again, it's a completely different style (which is the reason I like this brand so much).

This model I've called Love Love Message based on the text written at the top of the case. As may be expected from the name, this watch is one with a message /memo function where short messages can be stored in its memory. These are shown using the top line of the LCD which is a dot matrix array (5x41 so it can show 7 5x5 letters at one time). The bottom line of the LCD is a standard set of digits (6) which normally shows the time. The rest of the modes are pretty standard, with there being dual time, stopwatch, timer, and daily alarm options as well as the message mode.

The case is round and made of see-through plastic with 4 buttons on the edges. There is a large button on the front below the LCD, and this activates the el-backlight. The strap is a matching clear plastic, and has the Super Lovers logo and the text Lovers Digital printed on both the halves. The back of the watch is stainless steel and just has the Super Lovers name printed across the middle.

I don't know when this model is from as there isn't much about this brand online (but all the info I've gathered so far can be found throughout my other Super Lovers posts). My guess is that this would be an early 2000s model, but it is purely a guess.